We conducted a test in Eastern Oregon on 1-acre high-density hemp grow. We planted Bubba Kush/Boax cross seeds (160-day variety) After males were removed, we seeded 22,000 plants per the acre.  We harvested in 112 days a total of 10,100 lbs of biomass!

We used AgriPower and Pure Harvest together and I was very pleased and impressed with their performance together. The versatility of AgriPower is hard to overemphasize. We used it as both a foliar and soil nutrient and it has performed very well. Other programs require several products to achieve what AgriPower does in 2 easy steps to mix products and are affordable. 

When combined with Pure Harvest, AgriPower is even better. AgriPower is an excellent foliar nutrient, but sometimes plants cannot completely absorb it due to clogged stomata and contaminant buildup on leaves. Pure Harvest removes the contaminants and allows the plant to fully utilize AgriPower. 

We had no issue with weeds and or insects. The plants were healthy and thriving. We were able to maximize efficiency in plant performance.  

Using AgriPower and Pure Harvest together allowed the plant to operate at peak performance. Mixing and applying is simple and straightforward and the plants responded well. It is a perfect combination and a complete solution for healthy, happy plants at all stages of growth. Using them together has dramatically reduced the number of grow products we keep on hand.