By mixing Pure Harvest and AgriPOWER®, Jay Crick had a solution that removed contaminants and provided fantastic Foliar nutrition to plants of all growth stages:

I have used AgriPower and Pure Harvest together for several grow cycles and am very impressed with their performance together. The versatility of AgriPower is hard to overstate. I have used it as both a foliar and root zone nutrient and it has performed admirably in both use cases. Unlike other grow packs, with many components to juggle, dialing in AgriPower for maximum performance at each stage of growth is simple and effective. When combined with Pure Harvest, AgriPower is even better. AgriPower is a fantastic foliar nutrient, but sometimes plants can’t completely absorb it due to clogged stomata and contaminant buildup on fan leaves. Pure Harvest removes the contaminants and allows the plant to fully utilize AgriPower.

Using AgriPower and Pure Harvest together allows a plant to operate at peak performance. Mixing and applying is simple and straightforward and the plants love it. It’s a perfect combination and a complete solution for healthy, happy plants at all stages of growth. Using them together has dramatically reduced the number of grow products I need to keep on hand and I have every intention of sticking with AgriPower for future grows.

Jay Crick