AgriPOWER® for Commercial Growers

If you’re a commercial grower, you know not all fertilizers and insecticides are equal. More and more farmers around the world, from the U.S. to Africa and all farms in between, are realizing the benefits of a foliar fertilizer and pesticide that could be beneficial for the environment and essential insects (bees). AgriPOWER® HGDF is our organic-based dry powder fully water-soluble Complete Plant Nutrition & Soil Rejuvenation System. In anecdotal trials, HGDF delivered richer quality, healthier produce, and higher yields. AgriX SHIELD is our organic-based insecticide/fungicide in one.

Not only are organic-based products more effective, but they are also cost effective for large agricultural operations in comparison to chemical products. Because of the way you apply AgriPOWER® and the way crops absorb it, there could be less waste than with other fertilizers. Less waste means you run a more cost effective operation. 

And of course, by using organic-based products instead of chemicals, you are helping the planet as well.  Below, we’ve listed some of the top reasons to use AgriPOWER® on your farm.

Why AgriPOWER® Foliar Fertilizer? 

FACT: Of most Chemical fertilizers that are heavily laid onto the soil, just 50% or less is actually absorbed by the plant. The remaining fertilizer leaches into the ground and into our waterways. 

FACT: Plants absorb essential elements through their leaves. The absorption takes place through their stomata and through their epidermis. Transport is characteristically faster through the stomata, but total absorption may be as great through the epidermis. 

FACT: Leaves have transcuticular pores (i.e. pores between cell structures) and stomata through which, AgriPOWER® foliar spray may enter the plant. The transcuticular pores are on both the upper and lower surfaces of the leaf and are open all the time, so foliar-applied nutrients predominantly enter through these pores. The uptake efficiency is greater through the leaves than through the roots. 

FACT: In the long term, AgriPOWER® may aid in soil rejuvenation by potentially improving soil water-holding capacity – thus fostering the impetus for soil micro-organism re-establishing colonies, and potentially aids in fauna and flora growth, a vital property for soil rejuvenation. 

FACT: With AgriPOWER®, the degree of leaching is very low, due to the fact that most of the foliar application is absorbed – the balance of which, 30%, is sprayed on the soil – leaving a negligible amount to leach into the ground, but this amount is more than sufficient to help in re-establishing the soil micro-organisms that further aid in Biological Nitrogen Fixation (BNF). 

Is AgriPOWER® Fertilizer Right for Your Farm?

Do you want to increase your crop yield? Do you want to save money while doing so? Do you want to help the planet? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then AgriPOWER®, an excellent fertilizer with organic-based ingredients, will only benefit your farm. We understand you may have questions. Feel free to call or email us for more information specific to your needs, or submit the form below to request a customized application sheet for your farm (we will follow up with you to discuss details).

AgriPOWER® for Hemp Growers

According to Grandview Research, the global industrial hemp market size was recently estimated at nearly 4.75 billion USD, and the compound annual growth rate is expected to reach 15.8% over the next seven years. Statistics like those have smart farmers diversifying their crop options to include hemp. In Canada alone, the acreage of industrial hemp production has increased nearly 25% annually. And the retail value of hemp products sold in the U.S. saw a significant increase in 2018. 

Major market players are focusing on increasing crop production, improving crop yields, and full utilization of the crop. And for many farmers, that means using a fertilizer with excellent organic ingredients to potentially boost yields.

Potentially Improving Hemp Crop Yield with AgriPOWER® and AgriX SHIELD

If you’ve invested in growing hemp, you want to ensure you get the highest crop yield you can. A fertilizer with excellent ingredients and a pesticide that potentially does not diminish essential insect populations (bees) will likely foster production goals.

AgriPOWER® is an advanced foliar fertilizer that anecdotally works better than chemical fertilizers, and is potentially better for the soil. Most chemical fertilizers are applied directly to the soil, resulting in 50% or less being absorbed by your hemp plants. The remainder leaches into the soil and ends up polluting our waterways. 

AgriPOWER®, on the other hand, uses a combination of 70% foliar application and 30% soil application. As a result, AgriPOWER® has a high total absorption rate. Follow the specialized application instructions for AgriPOWER® HDGF A at planting and after sprouting, and then apply AgriPOWER® HDGF B after flowering for best results.

And if you control insects and fungus with our AgriX SHIELD organic-based insecticide and fungicide in one, you may prohibit damage from aphids, mealybugs, whiteflies, crickets and more, as well as potentially combat powdery mildew and other mold mildew and fungi.

The Benefits of Hemp for Farmers

Hemp Is an Excellent Cover Crop

Hemp, as a cover crop, enhances soil health by shading out weeds—reducing the need for synthetic herbicides—and adding diversity to crop rotations, improving soil health. 

Hemp Is a Low Cost Alternative

Especially when you partner with AgriPOWER, growing hemp is a low-cost and low-input crop.

Hemp Grows in Diverse Locations with Fewer Resources

Hemp will grow in any state in the US and in many Canadia territories. Also, the plant grows very densely, so farmers are able to produce more hemp per acre of farmland. Because of this dense growth, there is less space for weeds to sprout up, reducing the time and effort that farmers spend to eliminate weeds. And by using AgriPOWER foliar fertilizer and AgriX SHIELD organic-based insecticide/fungicide, you can yield an even better crop. 

Hemp Uses Less Water

Compared to cotton, the hemp plant’s water usage is drastically better. It can take more than 5,000 gallons to produce only 2.2 pounds of cotton, whereas it takes less than 700 gallons to produce 2.2 pounds of hemp.

Family Farms Can Grow Hemp Instead of Tobacco

Industrial hemp gives small farmers another opportunity to succeed. Hemp farming is an excellent option for southern states whose economies are dependent upon agriculture and are moving away from tobacco farming. 

In addition to the benefits of growing hemp for you, as a farmer, there are many benefits to society, including:

  1. Hemp is 10x stronger than cotton.
  2. CBD oil has many health benefits for both humans and animals.
  3. Hemp is suitable to be a sustainable low-cost fuel.
  4. Hemp-based paper is brighter, more durable, and longer lasting, which allows consumers to purchase it less often. Additionally, because hemp paper is so naturally bright, it does not require bleaching, which releases harmful toxins into the environment.
  5. Hemp creates jobs on the hemp farm, as well as in the community as we find more uses for it.

If you need more information on how Green Wave’s AgriPOWER fertilizer products can help you yield a better and bigger hemp crop, simply give us a call or send us an email. We’d be happy to help.

Download our Hemp Application Sheet

AgriPOWER® for Growing Cannabis

Growing cannabis is relatively easy, whether you’re growing indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. It can be labor-intensive, though. But by following our Cannabis Growing Protocol for growing marijuana, and utilizing AgriPOWER® fertilizer, you’ll have increased overall plant mass.

Of course, it’s important to know what variety of cannabis / marijuana you are planting. Different strains like C. indica are suitable for a shorter growing season in a colder climate, while others, such as C. sativa require a longer growing season in a hot, sunny environment. Some strains may need lots of cannabis fertilizer, while others require only light feeding. By getting your seeds from reputable and legal organizations, you have a better idea of what you’re planting. If you’re doing your own seed cloning, we can provide the Humic Acid you will need. And of course, if you’ve never grown cannabis before, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the rules and regulations regarding growing marijuana in your area. 

Using our AgriPOWER® HDGF A (NPK) and HDGF B (NPK) marijuana fertilizers to feed the soil will help you yield exceptional results. Whether you’re growing medical marijuana in your home, or you’re one of the world’s licensed commercial cannabis growing operations, AgriPOWER® fertilizer products will help increase your yield, without the need for high phosphorus additives. AgriPOWER® HDGF A is suited for potting mixes as well as acre crops.

AgriPOWER® optimizes seed germination and improves root growth for cannabis. The ingredients are from nature’s plants & organic-based minerals. The active ingredients act as a natural enzyme with cannabis plants to potentially foster more chlorophyll that increase nutrient uptake & thereby potentially enhancing plant growth and yields.

AgriPOWER® in anecdotal trials may assist the beneficial bacteria in the soil to break down the organic-based matter in the soil into humus while also potentially providing a long term benefit in providing atmospheric nitrogen for plants and nutrients in the soil. It also may aid in preventing soil erosion, and may increase water-holding capacity in soil, and may assist in maintaining a healthy growth (CFU) of beneficial soil bacteria, which may in turn increase soil fertility and pH. 

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