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Pure Harvest is a proprietary, patent-pending, plant detergent. Uniquely designed as a powder that when dissolved in water, instantly begins reacting into a high oxygen solution. Applying Pure Harvest to your crops regularly will clean the plant surfaces, enabling nutrients to optimize natural growth processes.

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The Problem

Dangerous contaminants negatively impact food and non food crops at every stage of production.

During the growth cycle, plant surfaces are contaminated with  organic debris, pesticide residues, and other particulate matter that clog stomata, slow photosynthesis, and inhibit growth.  Additionally, when harvested, crops may have chemical, biological, or physical contaminants that lead to unhealthy consumer experiences.

The Solution

PH2O manufactures and distributes eco-friendly, nontoxic plant cleansers that remove contaminants and growth inhibitors from flowering crops and harvested material. By blending sustainability and science, PH2O empowers growers to maximize crop outcomes while delivering a safer, healthier consumer experience.  All PH2O products are uniquely designed as  powder, unlike most competitors on the market today.  When dissolved into water, the powder instantly begins  reacting into a high oxygen solution. Its application on living crops rids the plant surface of contaminants, optimizing photosynthesis, and empowering growth.  Additionally, its application on harvested crops removes surface contaminants and residues that lead to failing lab tests and lost revenue. PureHarvest contains no oils or harmful chemicals, and leaves no harmful residues.

Grow Clean with Pure Harvest

During all stages of growth, plant surfaces get contaminated with organic/inorganic debris, pesticide residues, fungal rhizomatic debris, and other particulate matter that clog stomata and other crucial plant channels that allow absorption of nutrients.

Cost Savings/Avoidance:

  • Nutrient Efficiency Optimization
  • Reducing cultivation products
  • Improve crops’ first pass yield
  • Avoid costly remediation

Crop Benefits:

  • Greater nutrient absorption
  • Discourage harmful microbial growth
  • Increased yield
  • Increase success rate with clones
  • Clean plant surfaces are not conducive environments for pests, disease, and microbials

Applying Pure Harvest to your crops regularly will clean the plant surfaces, enabling nutrients to optimize natural growth processes.

What Our Customers Think:

“I have used PH for the past 12+ months. It’s remarkable to see the positive impact PH has made on our plants. I’ve personally seen powdery mildew washed away entirely, along with oily residue left behind from other sprays. This cleaning of the leaves and plant has allowed the plants to breath more freely. I also use this spray for cleaning all work areas around the plants, tools, etc. because it is safe for plants and also seems to be excellent as a preventative cleaning spray. I’m as skeptical as they come – after a couple of decades of trying products claiming this or that, only to be disappointed to learn most products don’t live up to their claims. I have challenges believing product reviews, such as this. However, I have sent plant material that’s had PH applied, to an independent laboratory for testing. The lab reports have always been the same – the reports show the plant material to be free from all contaminants and residues. PH under promises and over delivers.”

– A.M. Colorado

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