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The use of AgriPOWER requires approximately 10 times less fertilizer than conventional fertilizers due to its highly concentrated form.

AgriPOWER® HGDF is a natural mineral based Complete Plant Nutrition & Soil Rejuvenation System that delivers richer quality, healthier produce, greater yields, and higher profits. The ingredients are from natural minerals  compounds.  The active ingredients act as a natural enzyme with plants to produce more chlorophyll that fosters nutrient uptake & thereby enhancing plant growth and yields. AgriPOWER® is loaded with nature’s essential micronutrients. AgriPOWER® assists the beneficial bacteria in the soil in breaking down the organic-based matter in the soil into humus while also providing an additional long term benefit in providing atmospheric nitrogen for plants and nutrients in the soil. It aids in the prevention of soil erosion, increases water-holding capacity in soil, and helps maintain a healthy growth (CFU) of beneficial soil bacteria, which in turn increases soil fertility and pH. AgriPOWER® provides short & long term plant nutrition as well as early initial growth. AgriPOWER® HGDF is a 15-12-15 blend of primary minerals.

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AgriPOWER® HGDF is an all purpose complete plant nutrition with essential macro and micronutrients including trace elements that are derived from natural minerals.

AgriPOWER® HGDF is an Environment-Friendly alternative to traditional fertilizers and it’s active ingredients act as a natural plant enzyme to produce more chlorophyll that aids in optimal nutrient uptake by the plants.

All natural, all green AgriPOWER® HGDF is made from 100% natural ingredients and completely free from harmful chemicals and toxic substances.

Application of AgriPOWER® HGDF is convenient and easy.

For general application, dilute 8.8 oz of AgriPOWER® HGDF with 1 quart of water and spray about 70% on the leaves and balance on the soil for 1 acre. Spray in the early hours of the day or when the sun is lower. Do not spray during midday sun. Keep product away from direct sunlight when storing. For more detailed application instructions for various crops please refer to our application instructions and consult our team for more information with regards to crops not listed in our application instructions.

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Backpack Sprayer Mixing Instructions
AgriPOWER Fertilizers

Ozs. Gallons Dry Ounces of AgriPOWER Grams of AgriPOWER
Crop Type Dry Weight Grams Acres Water 3 gal backpack 3 gal backpack
Fruit Trees: Apple, Orange, Grapefruit, etc. 9 255 1 21 1.3 36.4 1/4 cup
Vegetables 8.8 250 1 21 1.3 35.7 1/4 cup
Flowers 4.4 125 1 21 0.6 17.9 1/8th cup

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