If you don’t have healthy soil, you end up spending a lot of money on soil amendments, fertilizers, and more. That’s why it’s important to know that AgriPOWER® foliar fertilizers improve soil fertility, naturally. AgriPOWER® assists the beneficial bacteria in the soil in breaking down organic-based matter in the soil into humus while also providing an additional long-term benefit in providing atmospheric nitrogen for plants and nutrients in the soil. It aids in the prevention of soil erosion, increases water retention in soil, and helps maintain a healthy growth (CFU) of beneficial soil bacteria, which in turn increases soil fertility and pH.

The nutrient sources in AgriPOWER®  fertilizer increases a diversity of beneficial microorganisms. These microorganisms reduce the pH around the fertilizer molecules while they break down and feed on the organic sources. The pH reduction around the fertilizer molecules makes the nutrients more available to plant roots. Because 70% of AgriPOWER® is applied to foliage,  you most likely will not increase acidity in the soil like you would with other organic-based fertilizers. Increase in soil acidity holds true for most organic inputs directly into the soil rather than via foliar application.

Therefore, with AgriPOWER®, soil acidity may be minimized and restricted to the area by the root formation and not to the entire field. In addition, the microorganisms will create a balance in the pH of the soil around the plant after the fixation occurs in the soil.

In addition, since AgriPOWER® application method is also 30% to the soil and the 70% foliar-applied, only a minute amount is on the soil basically for enhancing microorganism colony increase, and it’s only near the root area rather than the typical common application of organic inputs to a large area of the soil like manure application via rotavation to the entire planting area. However, the amount applied to the soil is more than sufficient to help in re-establishing the soil microorganisms that further aid in Biological Nitrogen Fixation (BNF) 

In the long term, AgriPOWER® fosters soil rejuvenation, by potentially improving soil water-holding capacity – thus potentially providing the impetus for soil micro-organism to re-establish colonies, and fosters fauna and flora growth, a vital property for soil rejuvenation.