AgriPOWER® is designed to be applied 70% as a foliar spray and 30% soil application. Why, you may ask? Because the benefits of using a foliar fertilizer are many. Let’s explain. 

A foliar fertilizer is any fertilizing substance applied in a liquid form. Modern foliar sprays are concentrated solutions using very high-grade technical elements, in which the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, are combined to the desired ratio in a controlled environment. 

The fertilizing elements in this method are true solutions, soluble, and thus very “plant available.” 

This is in contrast to soil applied (solid) fertilizer, which is applied as a powder, or granules to the soil in dry form. This then has to be dissolved by moisture, (rain or irrigation) to be “plant available” via the roots. Simply put, it must dissolve into the soil in order to be available. 

To these foliar solutions, trace elements in the form of chelates are added, along with other additives, to create a balanced fertilizer supplying not only NPK, but all of the trace elements, growth hormones, vitamins, etc. 

Many different NPK formulation combinations can be made, depending on the application required. The same elements that make up foliar fertilizer are required for plant growth and development, and are formulated to meet quite specific plant requirements. 

Fertilizing with a foliar spray is the most efficient way to improve plant health and increase yield. Foliar feeding can increase yields from 12% – 25% when compared to conventional fertilization. 

When an excellent fertilizer developed for foliar application is applied correctly, a majority of the fertilizer is utilized by the plant. When a similar amount is applied to the soil, only an approximate 10% of it is utilized. In the sandy loam, foliar spray fertilizers are more effective when compared to soil applied fertilizers. Foliar feeding is also an effective method for correcting soil deficiencies and overcoming the soil’s inability to transfer nutrients to the plant under low moisture conditions. 

The effectiveness of foliar-applied nutrients is determined mainly by Diffusion. Diffusion is the movement of elements from a high concentration to a low concentration. For diffusion to occur, the nutrient must dissolve. It is also determined by the type of blend, or formulation. Water-soluble formulations generally work better for foliar applications, as they are more easily absorbed when compared to insoluble solutions. AgriPOWER® fertilizer is 100% water soluble, making it ideal to use as a foliar spray.