What About Phosphorus!

Phosphorus tends to move downhill across the field to rivers and is less likely to leach vertically into the ground water. AgriPower’s Phosphorus is in a totally soluble form that can be readily taken in by the plants as opposed to most  fertilizers with Phosphorus are in insoluble compounds that are unavailable to plants so most of it is washed into rivers when it rains. This creates Phosphorus contamination.

With the exponential growth of the global population, the agricultural sector is bound to use ever larger quantities of fertilizers to augment the food supply, which consequently increases food production costs. Phosphates, when applied to crops is vulnerable to losses from volatilization and leaching thus leading to serious environmental pollution.

AgriPower’s compounds are non-reactive towards each other as they are made inert by the use of cutting edge plasticizers and state of the art coating technology. The physical intromission of phosphate granules in an appropriate coating material is one such technique used in the manufacture of AgriPower which essentially is a green technology that not only reduces phosphorus loss caused by volatilization and leaching, but also alters the kinetics of phosphorus release, which, in turn, provides nutrients to plants at a pace that is more compatible with their metabolic needs.