A Satisfied Customer in Hawaii at Turtle Bay Golf Course

To Whom It May Concern

 Subject: AgriPOWER

At Turtle Bay Golf, we have been using AgriPOWER fertilizer for a little over 1 year. Upon first use, I was skeptical. The green bottle is not very big and I wondered how that small amount of fertilizer could possibly be more economical than our usual slow-release fertilizers. For one thing, the application rate is extremely low. For new plants, I use a rate of .35oz/gal and for established plants and turf grasses I use a rate of .71oz/gal. It turns out that little green bottle goes a long way.

I applied a first application and within 7 days I noticed my plants were greening up and growing more quickly than usual. I didn’t notice a real change in the turf grass. I reapplied AgriPOWER 10 days after the first application and waited for results. There were more leaves and nodes on the young plants and the established plants had healthier blooms. Gardenias were blooming that I had never seen a flower on before.

Since those first few applications, I have used AgriPOWER on a bi-weekly basis, and almost all of my plants seem to be thriving. The only complaint I have is that with younger plants you have to be careful to avoid spraying the leaves. If they get soaked with spray, they tend to fall off from over-fertilization. The plants do, however, regrow their leaves and tend to be a lot bigger and brighter afterwards. Plants are greener and the flowers are fuller. We have not used it long enough on the turf grass to see a real change, although I don’t doubt it would work. I’ve even tested it on my home garden and my vegetables really seem to like it. I can not recommend this product enough.


Jen Grella
G-3 Foreman
Turtle Bay Golf